Modern business is faster moving & more complex than ever. Executives are afforded less time to analyse & react. This is where the flexible support of experienced senior directors is invaluable.

Marc has substantial experience & success in:

If you can’t assess facts quickly to make the right strategic choices, or deliver the programmes efficiently & effectively, you won’t be able to embed the change you want or need to see in your business. This is where Marc’s 20 plus years of real world experience can help you right now.

  • He has an ability to see the heart of what makes things 'tick'.

    Neil Mullarkey

  • I have always been impressed with the precision & accuracy of his strategic insight.

    Ian Kenny

  • I have rarely met one with the ability to rapidly identify the root of the challenge.

    Jon Bain

  • One of the very few people that I have met who is truly able to get to the core of a business’s needs.

    Martin Heberden

  • Marc is a sharp and astute business leader and excellent advisor.

    Ben Hart

  • Marc is a first class 'big picture thinker' - he is the type of guy you want in your top team.

    Mark Wogan

  • He has a really nice way about him combining intelligence with common sense.

    Paul Tulip

NOT actually medically trained in any way — just in case you were wondering.