Change Management

If you can’t make any change ‘stick’ then your efforts are wasted. As an experienced professional in this area Marc is able to help you understand the change, communicate it to your people & most importantly embed it by ensuring that the right support & training structures are in place to position you for that success.

At the same time Marc will help you continue to measure the things that really matter for your business to maintain existing success whilst developing new successes.

Marc’s experience of stakeholder management, cultural awareness & skills in the area of training development unpinned by acute influencing skills will help ensure that those strategic choices are something that the business understands, lives, breathes & commits to every day.

Marc has well rounded business skills, having worked in strategy, sales, marketing, operations & HR during assignments. He is committed to his continuous professional development having secured an MBA, DBA & is a Fellow of the Charted Institute of Management. He acquired his MSP® Practitioner & is studying for Change Management practitioner.

I have worked with Marc & the teams he has led on several occasions. I've always been impressed with the significant results he achieves for members individually & the team collectively despite clear cultural & skills differences. He has an ability to see the heart of what makes things 'tick' and draw on support and his own skills to improve performance to extremely high levels. He is politically astute and a very caring leader of people, so those around him will always go the extra mile. I have also seen how he has brought multiple different teams together to drive performance even when he has not directly led large numbers of those present.

Neil Mullarkey — Managing Director

NOT actually medically trained in any way — just in case you were wondering.