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Marc Lawn, THE Business GP

  • He has an ability to see the heart of what makes things 'tick'.

    Neil Mullarkey

  • I have always been impressed with the precision & accuracy of his strategic insight.

    Ian Kenny

  • I have rarely met one with the ability to rapidly identify the root of the challenge.

    Jon Bain

  • One of the very few people that I have met who is truly able to get to the core of a business’s needs.

    Martin Heberden

  • Marc is a sharp and astute business leader and excellent advisor.

    Ben Hart

  • Marc is a first class 'big picture thinker' - he is the type of guy you want in your top team.

    Mark Wogan

  • He has a really nice way about him combining intelligence with common sense.

    Paul Tulip

NOT actually medically trained in any way — just in case you were wondering.