Programme Leadership

Any strategic development leads to a programme of activity which needs to be led through to implementation. The challenge with this is that ordinarily you still have a certain level of ‘business as usual’ activity that needs delivering.

As a qualified MSP ® practitioner Marc is able to help you navigate these challenges ensuring you can focus on what matters without getting bogged down with things that don’t. He ensures that your plans are delivered on time & to budget. He has recently completed work on a business strategy review as well as a global business restructure using the skills & experiences developed over the last 2 decades.

Making your strategy come to life is Marc’s business so you can focus on yours. The rubber needs to hit the road correctly for you to realise the benefits of your great ideas.

I have known Marc for many years now and worked with him on multiple projects across multiple businesses. I have always been impressed with the precision & accuracy of his strategic insight which comes from an innate ability to analyse complex information quickly & focus on strategic choices that come from that. He is acutely aware of the political landscape around him which helps him drive complex programmes quickly & with purpose whilst ensuring change happens at the right time in the right place.

Ian Kenny — Managing Director

NOT actually medically trained in any way — just in case you were wondering.